5th Gin Black Air (Single)



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A gin born from a deep-rooted family tradition and backed up by the know how of three generations.

A delicious London Dry Gin, which revives their grandfather’s original blend.

The 5th Air is the base they use for the Earth, Fire and Water varieties, these are just infused differently.

Originating from Spain, this gin sits alongside the other coloured gins from the same brand.

5th Air is distilled at the Modesto Soler Distillery, which has been operating since 1875.

Two stages of distillation, give this gin a super clarity.

All of the botanicals are infused, during the second stage.

Equally, don’t be fooled by the black bottle. This is the only gin, produced by this brand, that is clear.

This is a strongly juniper led gin, so a hit with traditional London Dry Gin drinkers.

Naomi would recommend this with a lime garnish and Fever-Tree Tonic.

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