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On 1st February 2016, Atomic Gin, changed its’ name to ADURO.

In literal terms, ADURO means ”set fire to it!”

This somewhat points to the explosive identity of this gin.

The Aduro brothers, from Belgium, were searching for perfection, and finally located an old grappa distillery, in the Dolomite Mountains; Northern Italy.

Using pure water from the Dolomites, over nine generations of distilling expertise, was used at the distillery, and all crops used are organic.

Using the ”bagnomaria” method, or ”bain-marie” as more commonly known, this is a complex and time consuming distillation.

Only the best grains and spices are used in this gin, and it contains 23 botanicals, in total.

Italian wild juniper, organic french lavender, serbian elderflower, hand picked rose petals from Iran and Tangerine from Sicily, make this a somewhat cosmopolitan gin, too!

It really demonstrates the Aduro brothers focus on quality, though.

You can also infuse Classic, floral or spicy teabags, in your gin, to flavour to your choice.

This really is a special gin!

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