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Darnley’s View Spiced Gin



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Mary Queen of Scots first saw her husband, Lord Darnley, through the courtyard at Weymyss Castle, in 1565. It is this moment in history, which brought this gin its’ name.

Darnley’s View Gin is made in a historic time honoured way, by distilling the botanicals with a neutral grain spirit which has been distilled itself four times already in a pot still. They use the London Dry method which means that after the distillation process no flavours are added to the gin, only purified water which reduces the gin to its bottling strength.

Why do they use the London Dry method and not something from their Scottish heritage you ask? That answer is a simple one. They wanted to create a gin which was completely authentic when it comes to the history of gin, and would therefore appeal to those who would appreciate the origin and provenance of this iconic white spirit.

Darnely’s View Spiced Gin is made with a selection of ten botanicals, not six like it’s London Dry counterpart. The main botanicals in their recipe include juniper, nutmeg and cinnamon, the latter two are what give this gin its ‘Spice@. They also bottle at a slightly stronger 42.7% with this one as they believe that this strength is the point where the combination of the spices used makes their gin taste its best.

The other botanicals used in this warming gin include, ginger, cumin, coriander seed, angelica root, cloves, grains of paradise and cassia.

This gin makes a great Negroni, or if you just prefer a simple G&T try with a slice of orange and a premium tonic.

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