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Magellan Blue Gin



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Ferdinand de Magellan led five ships in 1519 around the world to go and explore the ‘Spice Islands’. After three years only one ship returned, The Victoria, along with 18 people and lots of barrels of cloves. Unfortunately, Magellan died in battle during the voyage, and never got to see the result of his voyage and the discoveries from the Spice Islands. The spices found inspired the creation of Gin as we know it and Magellan, in particular, to the cloves for its unrivalled taste.

The wheat and water are triple distilled by hand, which creates a clean and smooth neutral grain spirit in preparation for the finest botanicals to be added and then distilled further. Magellan is made of up eleven botanicals which are all picked at the height of their ripeness. They are all then immediately left out to sun dry which then helps to ensures to preserve them when they are at their highest point of flavour.

These eleven botanicals include juniper, Iris flower, Iris root, cloves, cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, coriander, liquorice, grains of paradise, cardamom and nutmeg.

These fresh botanicals are then wrapped in a special cloth and added to a copper pot still alongside the neutral spirit and distilled for a fourth time together in small batches. During this part of the process, the Master Distiller determines when to select the ‘heart’ of the gin, which is around when it is 88% proof.

Magellan Gin gets its taste and beautiful blue colour, and crisp taste, from the infusion of natural Iris root and flower after the distillation process.

You can enjoy this gin in many different classic gin cocktails, and experiment with many different garnishes to see which you like. Here at Atlas however, we would recommend to enjoy with a slice of lemon and if you are feeling adventurous with some basil leaves too.

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