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Salopian Gin



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The Shropshire Spirit Company was created in 2015 to use the fantastic range of produce grown in this county to create a range of Spirits that are both innovative and Salopian in their quality.

Flavours are inspired by the best Shropshire produce and James’ Scottish roots as well as the occasional touch of the exotic. The first product launched: Salopian Gin No. 1 certainly is smooth with subtle fruity hints to reflect this mix.

This gin combines Raspberries and Strawberries (these are frozen in the summer to preserve their freshness), dried Juniper berries (obviously) and two other secret ingredients, they really are secret. We tried to find out what they were, but to no avail.!

This wonderful botanical mix is then infused into the alcohol vapour, before condensing and being bottled at 40% in their unique Slovenian bottles.

The first batches of Gin were bottled up in the middle of December 2015. Just in time for Christmas!

Salopian Gin was first launched in Manchester with us, and we were thrilled when James came and spent a full day with us, and our customers, at the bar!

The perfect serve?

Well James demonstrated this, at the bar: a premium tonic and raspberries and strawberries, of course!

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