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Colonsay Gin


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Colonsay Gin is a hand-made, small batch, Scottish Gin, made in the style of a classic London Dry Gin. Taking its inspiration from various places including the natural Hebridean beauty of the island at which it’s made, the Isle of Colonsay. As well as from Celtic folklore. Creating a premium artisan spirit.  Hand-made to an extremely well-guarded recipe in batches of just 160 bottles. The flavours are smooth and slightly sweet, which are then followed by strong juniper notes and a pine freshness, reminiscent of the magnificent woodlands of Colonsay House. The flavour then develops into a fine balance of peppery notes, a warm spice and lemon sherbet. As clean and fresh as a dip in the clean, blue waters of Kiloran Bay on the Isle of Colonsay. Housed in a bottle almost as picturesque as the Bay itself. A bottle that definitely stands out on our back bar here at Atlas! Colonsay Gin is all about a sense of place and the heartfelt passion of those who make it. Perfect with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint, paired with Walter Gregor’s Tonic.

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