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The Gin Act of 1751, is hugely significant, in the history of gin, and is where this gin takes its’ name from.

William Hogarth, caused a furore, when his Gin Lane 1751, depiction, presented gin as a potent liquor; much more potent, and potentially dangerous, than beer!

There was even a campaign, at the time, Gin Lane vs. Beer Street.

A campaign to persuade more supposed genteel beer drinking.

It is this campaign, that ultimately led to gins first steps towards becoming the respectable drink that it is, today!

Some inquisitive drinks industry experts, from The Bloomsbury Club, sought to recreate a range of London gins, which would ”doff their hat” to the Victorian history of gin.

This gin is a classic embodiment of the gins of that era.

Charles Maxwell, an experienced, and eighth generation, distiller, created this gin.

Eight fine botanicals are infused with a natural herb and spice bitter, and it is this that gives Gin Lane 1751, its’ distinct colour.

Every bottle, from this small batch gin, is then individually numbered.

Check the label to see which one you are drinking!

This is a bold gin, which can be enjoyed with tonic and either a lemon, orange, pink grapefruit or star anise garnish.

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