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Jawbox Gin



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Named after a Belfast sink, one of the cities most lasting legacies, Jawbox gin, nods to a time when life revolved around the kitchen, and sink, and it was where everyone enjoyed the craic.

But it stands for even more….in their words:

Jawbox means details that matter. Obsessive care and fanatical attention to detail.

Process, method and technique.

Working for yourself. Doing things the hard way, and not taking the easy option.

Some might call it, ”stubborn, unnecessary and uncompromising.”

The Jawbox team couldn’t agree more.

They sum it up as the true character of their gin.

Distilled very slowly in a traditional copper pot still, the botanicals have been allowed to steep over night in warmed spirit.

There a three, however, which use vapour extraction, to preserve their delicate flavours and aroma.

The botanicals are juniper, cassia, Black Mountain heather, cardamon, grains of paradise, cubeb berries, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon peel, liquorice and orris root.

The distillery itself, is situated on the 300 acre Echlinville Estate and dates back to the 16th century.

All of the grains used, are grown there.

Jawbox, tonic, a lime garnish and plenty of craic, is all that you need!

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