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Bols Zeer Oude Genever



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From popular Dutch drinks producer Bols comes this traditional Dutch genever.

The Bols family can track their heritage back to the 16th century!

A relaunch of an old, old spirit, Genever which happens to be the origin of the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’. A gin with a 50% Malt Wine base this is a totally authentic and unique drink that should be tried by anyone with an interest in gin.

Genever or Jenever, originated in 1777 in Schiedam, Holland. Thus is gin is a true nod to the very origins of gin!

Made in one of the oldest distilleries, in existance, this gin was launched in 2008.

This gin is triple distilled from rye, corn and wheat bases. Using a malt wine base, is what sets this apart from a London Dry., and Bols have used an old recipe from 1820.

This Genever is presented in a traditional terracota bottle which is another ”nod” to it’s history.

Malty, and complex, Genever’s are often not enjoyed by the gin ”beginner,” however over ice, with a premium tonic water, this is a fantastic drink.

Equally, any cocktail bar of note, will have Genever, to provide a solid base for the many wonderful gin based cocktails that are out there!

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