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”A halo of immortality!”

Sounds a little pretentious, perhaps, but Alkkemist Gin, is distilled when the influence of the moon is bigger: 12 times a year.

There is also a strict methodology, behind this gin, which puts it firmly in the super premium category.

Born on a base of grain alcohol, this gin is distilled three times.

Made in a traditional copper alembic, with a quadrupal distillation from which only the heart of each extraction, is used.

This specific approach ensures that there is a perfect fusion between alcohol, water and the 21, carefully selected, botanicals, used.

This is the first gin to use the Muscat grape and Samphire.

The grapes used being only the finest available in the Mediterranean region.

Added, right at the end of the process, this is what gives this gin, its’ distinctive flavour.

As a result, the team would suggest that you enjoy this, over ice, maybe with a grape garnish, if you choose. You’ll then get the full sense of this gin.

Equally, with a premium tonic, and lemon garnish, this gin is a real stand out.


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