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Broker’s London Dry



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Two brothers, Andy and Martin Dawson, created Broker’s Gin.

Broker’s is made in a distillery, over 200 years old, near Birmingham, and it was previously the home of a brewer.

It converted to a distillery, when this became a more profitable venture, than brewing.

The brand was themed around the English Gentleman, and what more quintissential image of an Englishman, is there, than a Stockbroker in his bowler hat? Thus Brokers was named, and every bottle always ”sports” a bowler hat.

The herbs, fruits and spices, used in the gin are imported from three continents.

It is specifically dry to match the English humour!

Traditional pot stills are also used, which reduces production, but delivers a better gin quality.

The name of the still, is ”Constance” and the gin recipe used is also 200 years old.

Brokers use a five distillation process to deliver their gin.

The botanicals used are: Macedonian Juniper Berries, Bulgarian Coriander Seed, Italian Orris Root, Indian Nutmeg, Indonesian Cassia Bark, Cinnamon from the Seychelles, Italian liquorice, Spanish orange and lemon peel and Polish Angelica Root.

A very traditional English Gin which should be enjoyed with a premium tonic and a lemon garnish!

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