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Crossbill Highland Dry Gin


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Crossbill is the only gin made using 100% Scottish juniper.

It is a celebration of juniper and rosehip; two botanicals native to the Highlands of Scotland.

The gin also takes its’ name from the native bird. Like the juniper, it is only found in the Caledonian forests.

Over 200 years ago, Scottish juniper was transported to Holland, to produce Genever.

This tradition slowly died out, as Juniper became less available in the UK, but more available in Eastern Europe and Italy.

Crossbill’s founder, Jonathan, was captivated by the idea, of reviving Scottish juniper and producing a gin.

His only challenge was to find some!

He hunted high and low, until a chance meeting in a pub, took him to Inshriach, a remote forest in the Cairngorm Mountains.

Juniper was thriving there, and five years on it became the home of Crossbill Gin.

This micro distillery has the ability to pick fresh juniper and have it to the distillery in five minutes.

Possibly the freshest gin, in the world?

True or not, the simplicity of this gin, is just outstanding.

Our team are split on garnish. Naomi loves Rosemary and lime. Eden Lemon, Elaine lime.

We’d suggest that you try them all and explore the differences.


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