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Fair Juniper Gin


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This gin is exactly what the name suggests. It is a brand whose ethics are that their products will be ethically sourced and sustainable.

They believe in treating all people fairly, and every person involved in the process of making this gin, is treated as an equal.

Every ingredient in this gin, is therefore, FairTrade, and this is the first gin brand to be Fair Trade certified.

Philip Laclic, is the Master Distiller, and he is based in the Cognac region of France. The brand was founded by an ex Cognac rep., Alexandre Koiransky. His dream was to start up a business with truly ethical values at the heart of its’ culture. He most certainly has.

Fair Vodka, is firstly used as the base for this gin. Juniper berries, from Uzbekistan, are then macerated, along with spices, from the Kerala region of India, for a week.

Everything is distilled in a stupfler alembic.

This is a juniper forward gin, and should be enjoyed with a lime, or lemon garnish and tonic.


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