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Ferdinands Saar Quince Gin



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The gin is named after a royal Prussian District Forester, called Ferdinand Geltz. He is an historic figure who was a co-founder of the Mosel Saar-Ruwar growers group.

Equally as impressive as its’ heritage, this gin is infused with over thirty different boatnicals.

The recipe is a closely guarded secret, but the Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar, has revealed that it includes lemon, thyme, juniper, rosehip, almond, roses and lavender.

The owners wished to produce a gin that reflected their home region, in Germany.

Ordinarily, such a vast array of botanical flavours would be lost during distillation, but the Vallendar family having been making wine for so many generations, that their skillfulness truly comes through, in this gin.

Their base spirit is also made from the grain produced on their estate.

Two types of distillation are used, so that the botanicals are both steeped and vapour infused in to the spirit.

Left to rest, subsequently, for four weeks, this truly special gin, is created.

A Sloe gin, would have been the natural next step, but rather than follow the norm, the distillers hand picked Quinces, grown near to the distillery, and infused them in to their gin, to create this fantastic gin liqueur.

Such is the complexity of this gin, we suggest that you enjoy it neat, however if you wish to pull out the fruity notes, then a sweeter tonic is advisable.

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