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This classic London Dry Gin, is exactly what it says, on the bottle!

Aromatic geranium flowers, deliver an unusual, and very distinctive gin.

Henrick Hammer, created the gin, having been an accredited IWSC Gin judge, previously.

It was launched in Denmark in 2009, and the UK, in 2010.

Henricks view, and he is extremely gin knowledgable, was that, back in 2009, the gin flavour spectrum was relatively limited.

Geranium may not seem like an obvious choice, but it had been used for decades, along with juniper and angelica in many theraputic remedies.

His father was a chemist, and they worked together, to discover a way for extracting the geranium oils.

Initially they experimented with their recipe, using a very small, 5 litre still.

Having worked with the Langleys Distillery team, previously, Henrick partnered with them, and his recipe was produced in Langley’s infamous still, called Constance!

Pure wheat grain spirit, forms the bae, and ten botanicals are used, including:

juniper, geranium, coriander, orange, lemon, cassia bark, angelica, orris root, liquorice and a strictly guarded secret ingredient!

Once distilled, the gin is transported to the Thames Distillery, in London, for bottling.

The bottle smacks of Danish design; simple and understated.

The gin is far from this, and is beautiful when served with 1724 tonic and a lemon garnish.

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