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Fords London Dry



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Founded in 2012, the same year as Atlas Bar, this is another gin which is distilled at the Thames Distillery, in London.

The gin was designed to be appealing to International bartenders, for cocktail use, and thus the bottle is ergonomically designed for this very purpose.

Eighth generation Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell, and Simon Ford, of the 86 Company, have collaborated to produce this gin.

Simon began his career at the infamous Plymouth distillery, then went to Beefeater. He helped the NY Distilling Company to develop the recipes for Dorothy Parker and Perrys Tot, so needless to say, his gin making pedigree, speaks for itself.

Nine botanicals are steeped for fifteen hours, before distillation in 500 litre stills, affectionately known as Tom Thumb and Thumbellina!

Juniper and coriander, build the base flavours, and the other botanicals are: orange, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine, orris, angelica and cassia.

A great cocktail base. We love it in a Gimlet!

Elaine enjoys Fords with a premium Bitter Lemon, such as Fevertree.

Equally great in a traditional G&T with Schweppes Tonic and a lime or lemon garnish.

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