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Gin del Professore Madame



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The Jerry YThomas Project produce two types of Gin del Professore, the Monsieur, with a more classic gin profile of juniper and citrus, and the Madame, with an extra layer of sweeter spiced aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and wild rose.

Both gins represent the rediscovery of a lost style of gin production: the making of the ‘Bathtub Gin’. These were gins produced illegally during the American Prohibition, either at home, at Speakeasies or in distilleries. The gins were often fairly poor quality, so the Jerry Thomas producers wanted to bring the concept of the Bathtub Gin back into being, but to a very high quality, using artisanal methods and high quality ingredients.

Retracting the same techniques they use for their vermouth, the creation of the gin starts with blending juniper distillate into an infusion of herbs and spices with the aim of obtaining a deep complexity of aromas.

Neither gins are industrially filtered and therefore they maintain their original amber colour gained from the spice infusion.

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