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Manchester Zymurgorium



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Pre 2016 there were no Manchester based gins; now we have four!

Aaron Durke, is the founder of Zymurgorium, and we were thrilled when he brought this, along with his other fruit flavoured gins, along to Atlas.

Having brewed for his mates, at Uni, Aaron has now set up for real!

So, to the name….

Zymurgorium doesn’t sound like a ”Manc. name.”

It’s not!

It is an amalgamation of the words Zymurgy, which is the study of brewing methods and Emporium.

This pretty much sums up Aarons quest to create exciting new products and flavours.

Some of Zymurgorium is culture based, some rebellion and some science.

A pot still is used to create the gin, and is based in Manchester. Aaron has invented a new distillation method, and is currently attempting to get it patented.

His Manchester Vodka forms the base spirit, along with honey.

This gin is presented in a beautiful stoneware bottle which is hand bottled, hand labelled, hand waxed and hand stamped.

The bottle also shows the famous Manchester Bee emblem.

We don’t know the exact recipe that Aaron uses, but toasted coriander flavours and honey definitely come through!

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