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Steam Punk Gin


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Situated within one mile of the ”Angel of the North,” Steampunk Ltd., produce small batch, hand-crafted gins.

They are, as they put it, the ”proud parents of The Northumberland Gin Co., and the”

Proud they should be, too!

Steam Punk Gin won a Gold Medal at the 2016 World Gin Masters in London!

This gin is made to the recipe that Sir Raleigh Holmes-Dunston, made so very popular back in 1892. It appealed to the higher echelons of society, and was smooth on the palate.

Juniper, cardomom and citrus, melt together in perfect harmony. Seven botanicals are used in total.

The label itself, is striking, and features the every day transport of a Steam Punk advocate – some sort of airboat!

Try this gin with Peter Spanton Cardamon tonic, or soften it with a sweeter tonic and a citrus garnish.


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