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Becketts London Dry


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We are extremely proud to say that Neil Beckett, visited Atlas Bar, back in 2014, when he introduced this fantastic London Dry Gin, to us.

Becketts is the only gin that can say that it’s juniper is grown and picked in England. Infact, they grow on Box Hill, in the rolling Downs, a place where Elaine, spent lots of time, when she was a child.

Juniper has experienced a precipitous decline, in England, over recent decades, and many populations o this botanical are near to extinction. This is due to poor seed quality, disease and other factors. The juniper being used in Becketts gin, is therefore a flagship species for conservation under the UK’s bio diversity Action Plan.

Made with six botanicals including Mint from Kingston upon Thames, Moroccan lime and coriander, Italian orris root and Spanish orange peel.

The mint really drives the warm aromatic and bitter sweet charachteristics of this gin.

This is a small batch premium gin, made in London, and such was Neil’s quest for perfect simplicity, this gin was decided upon at recipe No. 1097!

We love this gin with a lime and mint garnish and a premium tonic, such as Franklins or Syndrome.


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