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Daffys Small Batch Premium



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So, we aren’t meant to have favourites, but we do have a few, a Daffy’s is one of them!

Chris Molyneaux, and his wife, Mignonne Khazaka’s, adventure started when they discovered what Lebanese mint could bring to gin.

Chris had identified a gap in the gin market, for a drink good enough to drink neat, over ice.

Born in Northern Ireland, he started his career working in France, on vineyards, where he met Mignonne. He then travelled the world studying spirit making, and gained the fine pedigree that he has.

Balanced with eight other botanicals, Chris has created an extremely fresh, smooth and original gin.

He worked hard, on this; finally settling on Recipe 400.

Daffy is the Goddess of Gin, first written of in the early 1700’s. It was also the name given to a childrens medicine, in Dickensian times, indeed being referred to in Oliver Twist.

Daffy, as painted on the bottle, by Robert McGinnis, famous for his Bond film iconic posters, is the visualisation of the taste, charm and sophistication, of the gin.

Created from french grain spirit, and distilled in an ancient copper pot whisky still, the Lebanese mint adds intrigue to the usual gin taste.

The mint has a family link too, being grown on Mignonne’s father’s estate.

43.4% ABV is also very considered, and precise, in order to deliver the perfect flavour.

Here at Atlas, we have enjoyed our contact, and support, from Daffy’s, and are proud to have some of their imagery, posted around our bar.

Customer’s love this gin, and it is always in our top selling gins, and was a hugely successful #Ginoftheweek.

Whilst crafted to be enjoyed neat, by the distillers, it makes an awesome D&T, as it is now known, with a premium tonic, such as Franklins, and a  lime and fresh mint garnish.

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