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Dictador Premium Colombian Treasure Aged Gin



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This gin is based on the formula, of Dario Parra, a former president of the company, who loves gin!

He’d travelled on many business trips to the UK, and enjoyed ”God’s drink,” gin, as he called it.

He returned home to Colobia, and was determined to create a Colombian Gin.

After experimenting with a number of recipes, Ortodoxy gin was born.

The aged Treasure gin is based on a unique Colombian fruit, Limon Mandarino (Tangerine-Lemon), which blends the two flavours to give a fantastic citrus balance.

The base of the gin, is the Ortodoxy gin, with the citrus additions and then it is aged in oak barrels, previously used to age Dictador rums, for 35 weeks.

Such is the combination of the two, that this should really be enjoyed neat, over ice.



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