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Santamania Reserva London Dry



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Created by Javier Domínguez, Ramón Morillo and Victor Fraile, Santamania was launched in July 2014.

Santamania spirits are a result of a meticulous process that requires passion, detail, expertise and the finest ingredients, and of course the latest technology.

Santamania Reserve is a London Dry gin aged in oak barrels. Each bottle is a work of art, each in batches no larger than 800 bottles.

Mark and Elaine met the Santamania team, in London, in 2016. Such was their passion for their gin, that it had to be an addition to our GinBible.

As with their London Dry, this reserva is made with the same fourteen botanicals, but in different proportions.

These include:

juniper, liquorice, fresh lime, coriander, fresh lemons, angelica, pistachio nuts, cinnamon, raspberries, white pepper, ginger, rosemary and orris root.

Of interest, is that Santamania’s gins, are made from a grape base spirit. This also lends itself to aging.

Following the aging process in oak barrels, the gin takes on a warm amber colour.

To taste this is softly spiced, and can be enjoyed neat.

If you prefer to dilute with tonic, then we’d suggest Phi, Santamania’s sugar free tonic, with a lime garnish.

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