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Divine Gin



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This gin is a creation from the R2 Distillers Ltd, R2 representing Ray and Rachel. Ray is the distiller. At a 4th of July celebration with some American friends back in 2014 is when the initial idea came to them. After lots and lots of months of discussion about it, Ray decided to enrol on a distillers course. This then led to them applying for a license to buy their first still, which was a 50 litre, to selling their first bottle in November 2016.

Their initial idea was to create a gin for sipping, they wanted to have a smooth finish without any one flavour dominating or overpowering others in the gin. They wanted their gin to be just as enjoyable to a consumer drinking it neat over ice or added to a tonic of their choice. They got locals to try their product for them over and over again and made changes along the way.

Some of the botanicals in this Divine Gin include juniper,coriander, cubeb berries, grains of paradise, cinnamon and liquorice. R2 Distillers also use a local water source in their gin from a spring in Shepley.

When creating this gin they thought that the hard part would be getting the smooth flavour of the gin, but Ray and Rachel soon realised that the brand of the gin was just as important as the flavour. They met whilst they were serving in the Royal Air Force and therefore wanted to incorporate wings into the design and also copper to represent copper stills. Their first design was called ‘Angel – Gin Divine’ which was a short round heavy bottomed bottle which they were very happy with. When they launched locally in a music venue, they got positive feedback on both the taste and design from consumers but this was not the case from the bar staff as they thought it was a hard bottle to hold. Around the same time they came across an American bourbon which was named ‘Angels Envy’ and they therefore had a perfect opportunity to make changes to both the name and design of the bottle.

That is how Gin Divine was born.

A gin which can be enjoyed neat over ice or with a premium tonic and some strawberries.

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