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Lola y Vera Gin


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Santamania are passionate about craftsmanship, and quality, and this is certainly reflected in their unique range of gins.

Lola and Vera are much more than just stills, they are the entire distillery so why not name a gin after them?

Vera came first, followed by Lola a year later.

Thanks to these beautiful copper pot stills, they can work with alcohol that is no lower than 90 proof, meaning that Santamania are producing spirits that are truly distinct from other brands on the market.

Mark and Elaine, met the Santamania team, in London in 2016, and were really excited by this gin, and the people who created the brand.

They just love what they do, and, more importantly, the gin that they produce!

Javier Dominguez, Ramon Morillo and Victor Fraille, created the parent company, Santamania, in 2014.

The botanicals used include:

juniper, pepper, coriander, orange and lemon zest, citrus, star anise, apple and lime zest.

Our perfect serve would be with Santamanias very own premium tonic, Phi, which is also sugar free. An added bonus.

A green apple garnish, makes this really special.


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