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Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin


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A Navy Strength gin from the NY Distilling Company, who also have the fabulous Dorothy Parker gin.

The gin is named after Matthew Calbraith Perry, who was the Commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard back in 1841.

Why Perry’s Tot?

Well a ”tot” was the measure served abouard vessels, around 70ml!

The botanicals used are:

juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, grapefruit peel, orange, lemon, and wild flower honey.

It is this last botanical, that brings a real point of difference to this Navy Strength gin.

Whilst initially modern in its’ appearance, the bottle has images of Monks, o the inside, Perhaps a nod to Plymouth Gins original bottles.

This gin is great in a Gimlet, but is equally enjoyable in a G&T.

We’d recommend a drier tonic, such as Peter Spantons Cardamom, or Syndrome, but it’s also smooth enough to enjoy neat.


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