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Pinkster Gin



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The fantastically British, eccentric, PINK, branding of Pinkster, truly sums up what this gin is about!

Pinkster has been a firm favourite, at Atlas for some time, and their Gin Supper Club was a huge hit!

On their website it simply says:

”Minimul bottle, maximum flavour, artisan gin, with raspberries….yummy!”

Stephen Marsh, is the creator.  A frustrated accountant, who’d been told to stop drinking wine, by his doctor, and turned his attention to gin, back in 2013!

He took his idea to G&J Greenalls, in Warrington, and five botanicals later, Pinkster was born!

Only three of these, we know: juniper, raspberries and black peppercorn.

The fresh raspberries are steeped in the triple distilled spirit, but also infused, at the end of the process, to create the soft pink hues.

The raspberries are recycled following this, and become an awesome Boozy Berries Jam.

A deliciously dry, premium, gin with a hint of the raspberries coming through, this is fabulous in a G&T, with a mint and raspberry garnish.

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