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Rock Rose Autumn


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Rock Rose Gin is made at the Dunnet Bay Distillery all the way up in Caithness, Scotland.
Rock Rose gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals. Each one meticulously chosen for their flavour properties to create the perfect taste.
After 55 experiments by Martin & Claire the final recipe was chosen to give a wee taste of Caithness and the very first batch was distilled on 17th August 2014. They use a traditional copper pot still, which of course has a name (Elizabeth).
Rock Rose gin gets its name from the first botanical forage along the cliffs of Pentland Firth, where they were introduced to Rhodiola rosea, a rose in the rocks. The Vikings would search these cliffs to find Rhodiola rosea, as it was thought to have given them extra strength to continue on with their long journeys.
The seasonal editions use hand foraged botanicals found in the Highlands from each season, to create a very limited edition gin. After each season the number of botanicals is dependent on their climes, resulting in a truly hand crafted gin that will subtly change year on year.
Autumn Edition has been distilled using lots of locally grown botanicals as well as our traditional Rock Rose botanicals. It is bursting with blackberries and raspberries from Caithness Summer Fruits and blaeberries from the Dunnet area.
Grown in their very own geodome, Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium flowers add to the spice of the gin.

A truly stunning gin.

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