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Vaione Pacific Gin



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A small batch distilled gin with a unique history and taste which originates from the pacific islands.

A man called John Sexton and his son Anthony are the creators of this gin. John is a Niuean descendant who was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand.

Their distillation process involves infusing the vapours of 100% neutral grain spirit in a single column reflux with all the rich botanical flavours before it is then condensed at the top of the column, where it returns to its liquid form. Their 12 botanicals include a mix of traditional London Dry style botanicals with extra added citrus. They are juniper, lime, Navel oranges, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, cubeb berries, grains of paradise, cassia bark, orris root, angelica root, licorice root and almonds.

A gin which can be enjoyed by all, we recommend with a slice of lemon and some thyme for garnish and Schweppes 1783 tonic.

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