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Wees Jonge Genever



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This Dutch Genever goes right back to the roots of gins’ gistory.

This genever is distilled from four different malt wines, which have, in turn, been produced from five different grains infused with herbs.

It is produced at the A. van Wees de Ooievaar distillery, where Three Corners is also made.

Jonge genever is so named because it is a young style.

It was first developed in the 1950’s, in response to consumer demand for a lighter flavoured, more mixable genever.

They contain a lower percentage of the malt wine, than the oude or korenwijn styles, typically only 5%, and generally have fewer botanicals.

Jonges genever must therefore contain no more than 15% malt wine, be at least 35% abv, contain a maximum of 10 grams of sugar per litre, and if the labe states graangenever, then the neutral spirit must be 100% grain based.

If you are trying a genever for the first time, then this high quality Wees Jonge, is a great place to start.

The Dutch traditionally drink this neat, however this makes a great G&T, is equally drinkable with soda and can be mixed with bitters to create a drink not dissimilar to a British pink gin.



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