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Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin



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This is a limited edition gin, from the Haymans team, which is released in small batches of 5000 bottles.

Each bottle is individually numbered, alongside the batch number.

Haymans ”gineaology” dates back over 150 years, making them the only family of original English gin makers, still distilling today.

They were the first distillers to produce different styles of gin, and the recognisable bottle, which has a tale to tell, was inspired by an old gin bottle, that Christopher, one of the current Haymans, found tucked away in his office.

Haymasn first came in to existance in 1863.

James Burrough, the great-grandfather, of Christopher, bought a gin and liqueur rectifying business.

His recipes, from that time, can still be seen in his coveted notebooks.

Such was the importance of distilling alcohol for medicinal purposes, a number of the Haymans family were exempt from National Service during WWII.

Neville Hayman, the husband of Marjorie Burroughs, was the first Hayman to join the business, back in 1951.

He is most famous for producing Beefeater gin.

Whitbreads bought the business in 1987, and this could have been the end of the family business, and gin making history.

Christopher Hayman, thankfully, bought back the James Burrough Alcohols Division, and changed the name to Hayman Distillers.

To this day, Christopher, James and Miranda, still run the business.

Enjoy with tonic and a simple lemon twist.

This is lovely, too, with Bitter Lemon, or a lemon tonic, also.



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