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Marula Gin



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Drunken elephants in Africa are where this gin gets its inspiration from. Two men from Belgium decided to create this triple distilled small batch gin using some rare botanicals, which are hand picked. Some of these botanicals include juniper from tuscany, coriander from India, lavender from Provence, rose petals from Bulgaria, orange blossom from Spain and not forgetting the fruit the gin gets its name from, Marula, the forbidden fruit of the elephant tree!

The elephant tree, or Marula tree to use its proper name, is where the Marula fruit grows and named as such as elephants like to eat them. The story behind the drunken elephants is because this fruit then starts to ferment in the stomach, hence causing the elephants to become drunk.

The result of all these botanicals found around the world make a gin that is sultry and has an exotic touch in both scent and taste.

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