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Aviation Gin


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If you ask Mark, Atlas’ owner, which are his favourite gins, and Aviation will appear in the top 2!

Summer 2005, Bartender Ryan Magarian is handed a complex summer botanical infusion by a friend from Portland, Oregon, at a party. Finding it unlike anything he had ever tasted, he quickly seeks out its maker, Portland’s House Spirits Distillery.

Recognizing a common interest in spirits etc., the distillers at House Spirits shared their idea for a renegade regional gin style. One year later and after nearly 30 rounds of trials—Aviation Gin takes off. Many say that this was the first brand partnership between distiller and bartender in American history.

Aviation belongs to an entirely new category of dry gins. These gins embody a shift away from the usual overabundance of juniper toward a more forward balance of botanicals. Aviation explores the rich, floral and savoury notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla. This truly captures the lushness, spice, creativity and freshness of the Pacific NorthWest.

The classic Aviation cocktail, invented by barman Hugo Ensslin, at New York’s Hotel Wallick, almost a century ago, afforded this gin, its’ name. One taste is all it took for Aviation co-founder Ryan Magarian to realize that instead of being limited to martinis and gin & tonics, “gin, in the hands of a passionate and well trained bartender, just might be the world’s most mixable spirit.” So a brand name, and a mission, was born.

Every bottle of Aviation is hand crafted by distillers Christian Krogstad and Andrew Tice.

The perfect serve is with a premium tonic and a generous orange garnish.


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