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Dodd’s Gin



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This gin is named afetr Ralph Dodd, who back in 1807, planned to build a distillery in London for the creation of British spirits.

This is, however, the first gin produced solely in London, following the release of the London Distillery Companies, samples, in 2012.

This is a 100% organic gin, and also contains honey from The London Honey Company.

The still is called Christina, and is a 140 litre copper alembic still.

The more delicate botanicals used, however, go through a state of the art cold vacuum still. This ensures that they aren’t burnt and the flavours corrupted.

Co-founder Darren Rook, uses juniper, angelica, fresh lime, bay laurel, cardamon, raspbery leaf and honey, to create this unusual gin.

Each and every bottle is labelled by hand, too.

This is a much stronger gin and requires a soft tonic, such as Double Dutch or Franklins.

You can experiment with the garnish: lime is lovely, raspberries pull out berry notes and you may wish to try just a little honey?

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